Saturday, May 8, 2010

The use and purpose of gun silencer for rifle and pistol.


How to make a Gun Silencer.

Gun Silencers for rifles and pistols are usually referred to as a aiding tool for criminal intent and use, which can be seen in the Hollywood movies. From the experience that a gun silencer is used to kill people as in the movies, most people get scared of gun shooters and shooters with gun silencer in particular.
People are still afraid of someone using and shooting with a silencer on a rifle or pistol, why ?
The answer is simple, there is less or no sound when firing the shot.

As for the criminal intent of using a gun silencer, it is important to consider that all these killings done with knives, are without a “bang”.
What ever tool or gadget manufactured  today, if misused can and will hurt or kill people, if the intention of some person is to do so, or if mishandled. Automobiles and grass movers etc. are things to consider.

As to a rifle shooter, pistol shooter and hunters, who want to protect their hearing, it is the very best long lasting hearing protection there is available. Ear muffs or ear taps are good,  but most hunters do not carry them on hunting trips. Elderly shooters know this very well, since hearing loss is noticeable in elderly rifle and pistol shooters. Another thing to consider is that a gun silencer will protect the hearing of bystanders and hunting companions.

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Gun Silencer
Gun Silencer Manual. Available from BRS Custom Rifles.
How to make a gun silencer for rifle, pistol,airsoft gun, air rifle,
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Gun Silencer demonstration on a 22 lr. rifle. Video

Gun Silencer Manual available from websites:

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